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Kris Koishigawa

Web Developer


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I've always loved a good story. It's what lead me to get a degree in English literature and go on to teach ESL abroad.

My goal as a teacher was to give students the tools to help them communicate with others. Now, I hope to do the same for people and businesses as a Web Developer.

In my spare time I moderate and contribute to freeCodeCamp, and was named one of their top contributors in 2018.


Index Watcher Project

Index Watcher

An AWS Lambda function that scrapes the latest price of an index fund, saves it to a database, and sends a notification after the stock market closes.

Bus Arrival Monitor Project

Bus Arrival Monitor

An Express app designed to run on a Raspberry Pi that scrapes bus data, serves it as an API, and displays the arrival times on a website.

Markdown Previewifier Project

Markdown Previewifier

A markdown previewer built in React.

React Tic-tac-toe Project


A recreaction of Google's tic-tac-toe web app in React.

React Simon Game


The classic handheld game written in React.